Monday, April 21, 2014

Women in Prison! Hot Babes Behind Bars! Killer Vixens on Penal Rampage! Vikki Law LIVE this Saturday 2pm PT

It ain't like in the movies -- it's worse!   Vikki Law knows first hand what goes on behind bars in America's women's prisons.

Burl Barer and the True Crime Crew at Outlaw Radio welcome author, photographer and activist Vikki Law to True Crime Uncensored this Saturday,  2pm PT/5pm ET  LISTEN LIVE VIA THIS LINK!

 After a brief stint as a teenage armed robber, Vikki realized that armed robbers don't get any cool perks such as stock options or 401K's.   She also noticed that women in prison seldom had anything more interesting to read than each others' tattoos.
Vikki helped start Books Through Bars-New York City, a group that sends free books to prisoners nationwide. In 2000, she began concentrating on the needs and actions of women in prison, drawing attention to their issues by writing articles and giving public presentations. 

Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles Of Incarcerated Women, 2nd Edition Her award winning book. RESISTANCE BEHIND BARS: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women, is regarded as one of the most important books ever written on the subject of America's imprisoned females.  

Little known fact: women imprisoned at New York's maximum-security prison at Bedford Hills staged what is known as the August Rebellion. Protesting the brutal beating of a fellow prisoner, the women fought off guards, holding seven of them hostage, and took over sections of the prison.

 Resistance Behind Bars  examines daily struggles against appalling prison conditions and injustices, Resistance documents both collective organizing and individual resistance among women incarcerated in the U.S. Emphasizing women's agency in resisting the conditions of their confinement through forming peer education groups, clandestinely arranging ways for children to visit mothers in distant prisons and raising public awareness about their lives, Resistance seeks to spark further discussion and research into the lives of incarcerated women and galvanize much-needed outside support for their struggles.
This updated and revised edition of the 2009 PASS Award winning book includes a new chapter about transgender, transsexual, intersex, and gender-variant people in prison.

"Victoria Law's eight years of research and writing, inspired by her unflinching commitment to listen to and support women prisoners, has resulted in an illuminating effort to document the dynamic resistance of incarcerated women in the United States."
—Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

"Finally! A passionately and extensively researched book that recognizes the myriad ways in which women resist in prison, and the many particular obstacles that, at many points, hinder them from rebelling. Even after my own years inside, I learned from this book."
—Laura Whitehorn, former political prisoner

Since 2002, she has worked with women incarcerated nationwide to produce Tenacious: Art and Writings from Women in Prison and has facilitated having incarcerated women's writings published in larger publications, such as Clamor magazine, the website "Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance" and the upcoming anthology Interrupted Lives.In 1995, she became involved with ABC No Rio, a collectively run arts center on New York's Lower East Side, serving as Board Treasurer from 1997 to 2002. In 1997, she organized a group of activist photographers to transform one of No Rio's upstairs tenement apartments into a black-and-white photo darkroom for community use. Since then, she has remained actively involved in coordinating (and sometimes co-teaching) free photography classes for neighborhood youth. In addition, she has participated in and curated numerous exhibitions at No Rio's gallery, many with themes addressing social and political issues such as incarceration, grassroots efforts to rebuild New Orleans,

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