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Felon O'Reilly - A man of convictions live this Saturday 2pm PT

Felon convictFelon O'Reilly was a career criminal but he wasn't particularly successful. His only potential retirement opportunity was an extended stay in a state or federal prison.  They say  crime doesn't pay, but the hours are good and you meet interesting people. The same folks you meet on the way up the criminal ladder are the same folks waiting for you at the bottom. All of them looking for someone to blame.  Blame, as Burl Barer says, is only important to drunks and lawyers -- often the same thing. 

You know Felon is more daring and dangerous now than he was then -- now he's brave enough to return to True Crime Uncensored on Outlaw Radio Live to be grilled like a swordfish by Burl Barer, Howard Lapides, and perhaps even our fact checker, Mark Boyer. 
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Thursday, October 26, 2017


"A deeply moving story of powerful devotion." 
—Anthony Flacco, New York Times Bestselling Author

The moment he found out his brother was missing and presumed dead, Ted Kergan launched a relentless effort to bring two suspected killers—a teenaged-prostitute and her much older drifter boyfriend—to justice and find Gary Kergan’s body. Little did he know his quest would consume a fortune and take thirty years to reach its dramatic conclusion.

Thwarted at first by the fact that his brother’s body could not be located and a new district attorney reluctant to prosecute as a result, Kergen had to keep track of the killers from New Orleans’ notorious French Quarter to Las Vegas and points in between and wait for a break in the case that seemed like it would never come.

Then nearly thirty years later, science, detective work and especially a brother's love and tenacity would combine for a resolution that would end in a dramatic trial in which one of the killers' diary would be a star witness.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Death of an Assassin --Ann Marie Ackermann LIVE Saturday 2pm PT on True Crime Uncensored

Ann Marie Ackermann LIVE Saturday 2pm PT - Death of an Assassin

Ann Marie Ackerman moved from Seattle, Washington to Germany, no doubt simply to get further away from the Legendary Burl Barer who was a radio hero in the same state where Ms Ackerman was Assistant Attorney General. No, she never prosecuted him.  There are, however,  rumours of a fleeting romance or a no-injury fender bender on the Aurora Bridge. Ackerman is on an American tour promoting her impressive debut historic true crime book, Death of an Assassin.

THIS SATURDAY 2pm pt/5pm et/10pm London/2am Sunday in Pakistan

Death of an assassinThe first volunteer killed defending Robert E. Lee’s position in battle was really a German assassin. After fleeing to the United States to escape prosecution for murder, the assassin enlisted in a German company of the Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Mexican-American War and died defending Lee’s battery at the Siege of Veracruz in 1847. 
Lee wrote a letter home, praising this unnamed fallen volunteer defender. Military records identify him, but none of the Americans knew about his past life of crime.
Before fighting with the Americans, Lee’s defender had assassinated Johann Heinrich Rieber, mayor of B├Ânnigheim, Germany, in 1835. Rieber’s assassination became 19th-century Germany’s coldest case ever solved by a non–law enforcement professional and the only 19th-century German murder ever solved in the United States. Thirty-seven years later, another suspect in the assassination who had also fled to America found evidence in Washington, D.C., that would clear his own name, and he forwarded it to Germany. The German prosecutor Ernst von Hochstetter corroborated the story and closed the case file in 1872, naming Lee’s defender as Rieber’s murderer.
Relying primarily on German sources, Death of an Assassin tracks the never-before-told story of this German company of Pennsylvania volunteers. It follows both Lee’s and the assassin’s lives until their dramatic encounter in Veracruz and picks up again with the surprising case resolution decades later.
This case also reveals that forensic ballistics—firearm identification through comparison of the striations on a projectile with the rifling in the barrel—is much older than previously thought. History credits Alexandre Laccasagne for inventing forensic ballistics in 1888. But more than 50 years earlier, Eduard Hammer, the magistrate who investigated the Rieber assassination in 1835, used the same technique to eliminate a forester’s rifle as the murder weapon. A firearms technician with state police of Baden-W├╝rttemberg tested Hammer’s technique in 2015 and confirmed its efficacy, cementing the argument that Hammer, not Laccasagne, should be considered the father of forensic ballistics.
The roles the volunteer soldier/assassin and Robert E. Lee played at the Siege of Veracruz are part of American history, and the record-breaking, 19th-century cold case is part of German history. For the first time, Death of an Assassin brings the two stories together.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017


From the brilliant crime writer Anthony M. DeStefano  
  The big heist jpgNew revelations about the infamous Lufthansa Heist are revealed for the first time in this brand new, heavily researched book by Anthony M. Destefano. Published by Kensington Publishing, The Big Heist chronicles the tale of famous robbery which inspired the film Goodfellas.  The Big Heist breaks new ground with allegations of police corruption and reveals new details of the crime which came out in the November 2015 trial of reputed mobster Vincent Asaro. 
Anthony M. DeStefano is a New York City journalist who specializes in legal affairs, criminal justice and organized crime. He is the author of "Gangland New York: The Places And Faces of Mob History, published in July 2015; "Vinny Gorgeous: The Ugly Rise and Fall Of A New York Mobster," published in July 2013; "The Last Godfather" "King of the Godfathers" and "Mob Killer," the latter of which was released in June 2011. He also authored "The War On Human Trafficking," published by Rutgers University Press.
In connection with his work, he has traveled to Europe and South America. He also speaks at academic conferences about crime and human trafficking. As part of promotional work for "Gangland New York", Mr. DeStefano has appeared on WPIX-TV in New York City, NY1 in New York City, as well as WVOX radio in New Rochelle and The Frank Morano Show on 970AM. Recently, he has appeared on the Biography Channel and Sundance Channel and is scheduled to appear in an upcoming cable series as an expert commentator about organized crime in New York City.
During his spare time Mr. DeStefano tours historic places related to crime in New York City and famous cemeteries.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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Ron Franscell returns to take us on another deadly tour of the streets where you lived, someone died and/or murder and mayhem ensued,

"Wherever you travel, history arrives before you and dignity is the first to leave," says Burl Barer, host of True Crime Uncensored on "And wherever you go, whatever you do, ghosts of shattered lives, broken hearts, eviscerated innards and hastily buried errors in interpersonal relationships haunt the landscape like so many unwelcome bits of natural beauty between the Burma-Shave signs."

Ron Franscell knows where all the bodies are buried in Los Angeles -- the West Coast's land of sunshine, sand, surf, sex and some really great taco trucks in between the strip malls, strip joints, blunt wraps, kosher wraps and four letter word raps of the City of Angels where everyone has one hell of an angle.

Ron says: I explored Los Angeles’s crime history close-up to find some of its hidden history, sometimes so well hidden that we often dash through life blissfully unaware that some of the most startling crimes in America happened right in our own backyards—sometimes literally.

“Meticulously researched guide book into the baddest of the bad in LaLa Land..." -- Steve Hodel, former LAPD homicide detective, and best-selling author of "Black Dahlia Avenger."

On the 27th Judith A. Yates joins us to celebrate the release of SHE IS EVIL about a real killer bitch from hell.
Howard Lapides is still celebrating his daughter's graduation in Boston, and will return next week to join Burl Barer abd Mark Boyer on True Crime Uncensored, produced by Magic Matt Alan.

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"RIPPER CONFIDENTIAL" Tom Wescott returns with new research on Jack the Ripper!

"RIPPER CONFIDENTIAL" Tom Wescott returns with new research on Jack the Ripper!

LISTEN LIVE SATURDAY APRIL 29  2pm pt/5pm et/10pm London by clicking THIS LINK!
  RipperConfidentialsmallTom Wescott owes his career to an anonymous murderer whom some call Jack the Ripper, others call "Jaqueline the Ripper" and others who don't call at all. 

The murdered women laid down their lives and surrendered their souls not for Queen and country, but for a future industry of endless speculation and increasingly difficult research. It is easier to pierce the soft skin of a living victim than to penetrate the veil of time and diminishing accurate resources.  
The problem with history is that quite often the people living it simply were not paying attention.  It wasn't history to them, it was life and life only. But it's allright, Ma, Tom Wescott will leave the gaslight on for you  in RIPPER CONFIDENTIAL: New Research on the Whitechapel Murders.  
Tom Wescott was born in Jefferson City, MO in 1973 and moved to Oklahoma in 1985. Along the way he discovered a love for music, film, and mystery..both of the fictional and non-fictional variety.
While perusing horror novels at a used book store in 1997 he discovered an abandoned and misplaced non-fiction book tossed crookedly on top of the orderly row of novels. It was a book on Jack the Ripper. He took it home, read it, and wondered if he’d read the ‘final solution’. So he went to the library and checked out a couple more books on the case…then a couple more…then he found this place called on this thing called the internet he was working to figure out.
Over the next 15 years Wescott published as many as 20 essays on the Ripper case in a selection of journals devoted to the topic: Ripperologist, Ripper Notes, Casebook Examiner, and many others. In 2014 he published his first full-length book on the case, offering new information and insights not seen in any other book on the Ripper mystery.  It has been two years since Tom was on our show, but he had finally recovered from the shock and is ready to brave the world's most entertaining and addictive true crime radio program, TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED, celebrating nine years as the standard of eccentric investigation.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Two Hit Books in one Year -- Frank C. Girardot is on a roll! Live Sat. 2pm PT

Award winning journalist and rock n roll guitarist Frank C. Girardot, Jr. LIVE Sat 2pm PT

Frank C. Girardot is more than a best-selling true crime author, he is also an award winning journalist, rock n roller, and crime expert and and and...Girardonew_004
Burl and Howard, plus fact checker Mark Boyer,  will explore Frank C. Girardot's amazing career this Saturday 2pm Pacific Time/.5pm Eastern Time/ 10pm London Time  on  True Crime Uncensored on Outlaw Radio. LISTEN LIVE BY CLICKING THIS LINK!
His most recent best seller is Betrayal in Blue  which he co-wrote with Burl Barer and Ken Eurell.BetrayalinBlue_KindleCover_9-27-2016_v1-300w