Friday, September 13, 2013

Never Too Much True Crime Uncensored!

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October 12--  Until Someone Gets Hurt Tyson Wrensch our favorite victim of scum bag thieves (this guy got more than even, he got 'em put away!) returns to give us the shocking story of an innocent man in prison with the men who framed him so they could steal his fortune. They didn't get away with it, but their victim is still behind bars!! That's only part of the story.

Outlaw pensOctober 19 -- Our Outlaw pal Ron Franscell is back! OUTLAW PENNSYLVANIA continues the popular series that critics, true-crime fans, historians and travelers have hailed as "the ultimate guilty pleasure," "thorough and unflinching," and "the best damn crime travel series ever published!" This rollicking romp across the historic Pennsylvania landscape promises all the can't-look-away allure of its predecessors ... and a few surprises!  This is a trip to Pennsylvania's darker side, where seemingly idyllic places reveal their secrets--the stone wall where a historic kidnapping unfolded, the park where America's first school shooting happened, and the birthplaces of outlaws who came to infamy.

OCTOBER 25 -- Live from Austin, Texas, Burl Barer and fellow true crime writer Corey Mitchell call in from PHILIP ANSELMO’S  HOUSECORE™ HORROR FILM FESTIVAL -- famed horror directors, films + great heavy metal rock bands AND True Crime authors! What a mix! What an event!

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