Sunday, March 17, 2013

TED BUNDY -- Inside his violent mind Saturday March 23rd

TED BUNDY -- Development of the Violent Mind. Sat March 23rd!

Im-Not-Guilty-Cover-Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer, was responsible for over thirty brutal homicides of young women in the early 1970s. Imprisoned for almost 15 years before his execution in the Florida electric chair in 1989, Bundy was interviewed for hundreds of hours by psychologists, journalists, and law enforcement professionals. He offered insight into the thoughts and methods of other serial killers of the time—but almost never spoke about his own crimes.

Dr. Al Carlisle evaluated Bundy for the Utah court when he was first arrested in 1975 and conducted extensive interviews with him after that. Carlisle has painstakingly reconstructed the life of Ted Bundy through conversations with his friends, family, neighbors, lovers, investigators, and surviving victims—and with the killer himself. I’M NOT GUILTY finally answers the questions about Bundy’s own crimes through a fictional dialogue between Carlisle and Bundy on the day before his execution, and sheds light on the development of the violent mind.

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