Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Constitutional Law vs Idiots. Yes, there are experts.

Professor Steve Gonzales, Constitutional Law Expert and legal analyst Live Saturday.

This is the go-t0 guy when you want the insights of a Constitutional Law commentator. He has been on  national TV news shows over seventy five times, but Saturday is the high point of his media career when he is live on True Crime Uncensored on Outlaw Radio!
Steve_GonzalesSteve Gonzales is Associate Professor of Constitutional Law and a founding faculty member of Phoenix School of Law.
He teaches Constitutional Law, FederalIndian Law, and knows his way around immigration policy as well.  Yes, he is a legal smarty pants for sure!
Wait....there's more!   He founded the Veteran's Military Legal Assistance Clinic, Veteran's Tax Clinic, American Indian Law Clinic,  and the Juvenile Defense clinics.  In other words, he knows his stuff. He was even a prosecutor at one time, but finds his current gig more rewarding.
So, if you want to hear someone who actually knows what he's talking about address isues related to the Constitution, Veterans, American Indians, and much more, make sure you are listening Saturday 2pm PT when Burl Barer, Howard Lapides and Mark Boyer welcome Professor Steve Gonzales!

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