Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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Ron Franscell returns to take us on another deadly tour of the streets where you lived, someone died and/or murder and mayhem ensued,

"Wherever you travel, history arrives before you and dignity is the first to leave," says Burl Barer, host of True Crime Uncensored on OutlawRadioLive.com. "And wherever you go, whatever you do, ghosts of shattered lives, broken hearts, eviscerated innards and hastily buried errors in interpersonal relationships haunt the landscape like so many unwelcome bits of natural beauty between the Burma-Shave signs."

Ron Franscell knows where all the bodies are buried in Los Angeles -- the West Coast's land of sunshine, sand, surf, sex and some really great taco trucks in between the strip malls, strip joints, blunt wraps, kosher wraps and four letter word raps of the City of Angels where everyone has one hell of an angle.

Ron says: I explored Los Angeles’s crime history close-up to find some of its hidden history, sometimes so well hidden that we often dash through life blissfully unaware that some of the most startling crimes in America happened right in our own backyards—sometimes literally.

“Meticulously researched guide book into the baddest of the bad in LaLa Land..." -- Steve Hodel, former LAPD homicide detective, and best-selling author of "Black Dahlia Avenger."

On the 27th Judith A. Yates joins us to celebrate the release of SHE IS EVIL about a real killer bitch from hell.
Howard Lapides is still celebrating his daughter's graduation in Boston, and will return next week to join Burl Barer abd Mark Boyer on True Crime Uncensored, produced by Magic Matt Alan.

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