Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Two Hit Books in one Year -- Frank C. Girardot is on a roll! Live Sat. 2pm PT

Award winning journalist and rock n roll guitarist Frank C. Girardot, Jr. LIVE Sat 2pm PT

Frank C. Girardot is more than a best-selling true crime author, he is also an award winning journalist, rock n roller, and crime expert and and and...Girardonew_004
Burl and Howard, plus fact checker Mark Boyer,  will explore Frank C. Girardot's amazing career this Saturday 2pm Pacific Time/.5pm Eastern Time/ 10pm London Time  on  True Crime Uncensored on Outlaw Radio. LISTEN LIVE BY CLICKING THIS LINK!
His most recent best seller is Betrayal in Blue  which he co-wrote with Burl Barer and Ken Eurell.BetrayalinBlue_KindleCover_9-27-2016_v1-300w


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