Thursday, August 21, 2014

BLOODY LIES -- Shocking CSI Scandal exposed! Listen Live Saturday 2pm/4pm/5pm

An hour's drive from Omaha, Murdock, pop. 269, seemed about the last place on Earth to be the setting for one of the Heartland's most ruthless and gory double murders in decades. The little farming town in western Cass County had gone more than a century without a single murder.
 The frightening and chilling killings inside the upstairs of the farmhouse captured state news media attention. Residents in the country were filled with fear, panic and outrage.  Who killed Wayne and Sharmon Stock? What was the motive?
LISTEN LIVE SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd  2pm pt/5pm et/10pm London by clicking this link!
Author John Ferak covered the Stock murders from the very beginning, including all of the trial proceedings. When the criminal prosecution finally ended in 2007, he remained puzzled by one nagging question: Why was the blood of victim Wayne Stock in a car that was ultimately proven to have no connection to the murders?
 Over the next few years, the astonishing bloody lies were revealed, culminating in a law enforcement scandal that turned the case on its head and destroyed the career of Nebraska's celebrated CSI director, David Kofoed.

Burl, Howard and Mark welcome John Ferak to True Crime Uncensored Saturday August 23rd for a fascinating expose of CSI corruption.

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