Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HOW THE MAFIA CAPTURED NEW YORK - Details Saturday on True Crime Uncensored!

THE MOB AND THE CITY -- C. Alex Hortis Live this Saturday!

BoookTHE MOB AND THE CITY -- author C. Alex Hortis brings his incredible knowledge of the New York Mafia to True Crime Uncensored!

Burl Barer, Howard Lapides, and Mark Boyer welcome the man who knows and reveals the Hidden History of how the Mafia Captured New York!

 Once again, the most fascinating true crime experts face the ultimate challenge -- a solid hour at the mercy of Burl, Howard, Mark and Magic Matt Alan!   

Listen live via Outlawradiousa.com, or get your FREE RADIO LOYALTY APP for your Smartphone, type in Outlaw Radio, and listen wherever you are!

C. Alex Hortis

<<< C. Alex Hortis looking thrilled and delighted to be on True Crime Uncensored on OutlawRadioUSA!

"The Mob and the City challenges the idea that New York's crime families materialized out of blood and brawn and not much else.  Hortis explores the Prohibition and Depression-era rise of the ethnic gangs and tells the story through the lives of the black sheep and poor relations otherwise known as soldiers.  In doing so, he unlocks more than a few crime family skeletons."
 -Ellen Poulsen, author of The Case Against Lucky Luciano.

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